The average charge for our clients is $65 per treatment. 

Approximately 80% of our clients pay $65 for each application, this falls well below the Atlanta area average. 

The “degree of difficulty” of our client’s yards and more importantly the volume of organic solution used drives pricing amendments more so than the actual size of the yard. For example, a very hilly, high vegetation yard with water features requires more “solution” and more time to spray thus creating a price higher than our average. On the other hand, small yards, with low vegetation will allow us to charge less than the $65.  The first treatment is guaranteed to be $65 and we will provide an amended price for your yard if necessary after our spray techs perform the post-treatment analysis of your property.  

Now for the really good stuff, how to get a discount.
1 – Single Referral Discount = A FREE Service for you
2 – “Block Party” Discount = A FREE Service for You Plus a lifetime 10% discount for you and all of your neighbors (10 or more referrals that result in PMC clients qualifies you).  
3 – “Community Chest” – FREE Season of  Service for You for a referral that turns into a client for us if that client is a Neighborhood Park, Community Center, Swim & Tennis Club, Nature Trail, School, Restaurant – basically any commercial account for Peachtree Mosquito Control.