Does organic really work?

Yes.  Pest control doesn't have to be toxic to be effective. Organic farmers have been using the primary ingredient in our solution for decades with great success – that's why they use it, it works!  Farmers use it to protect themselves, their animals, and their workers from pesky and dangerous mosquitos.  Their livelihood depends on it, and so does ours!

Is the formula safe for kids and pets?

Yes! There are no poisons or harmful chemicals in our organic solution.

How often must a yard be treated?

About once every 3 weeks.  Our research has shown that our formula is effective for 24 days under ideal conditions. However, ideal conditions are rare.  Rain naturally dilutes our solution therefore we add treatments as needed but only charge you for two treatments per month maximum.  The "season" usually starts in late March and runs through September during most years.  Weather conditions are monitored daily and assessed in conjunction with our proprietary Hydrocon Level tracking system to determine when treatments are needed.  Our mission is to keep Mosquitos off of you so we manage the treatment plan for your yard just like we manage our own.

What is Hydrocon Level?

Hydrocon Level is a numerical expression of a patent-pending process designed to assess current moisture levels combined with precipitation forecasts and other environmental factors. Each morning before we spray, our highly trained spray technicians take this information to create just the right mix of our Mosquito Sauce for your property.

What does this mean for you, a Peachtree Mosquito Control client? It means you are getting a 100% organic, all-natural solution that is customized for you. We are confident that our system's effectiveness far surpasses anything being presented by our competitors, especially the ones spraying toxic, synthetic material near your kids and pets. 

What's the best time to start treatments?

Treatments should start when mosquitos emerge, not before.  If we started treatments according to a rigid time frame inserted into a binding contract (like most of our competitors) then we would be unfairly collecting money from our clients for a service that was basically useless. We prefer to treat our clients fairly and therefore start and stop treatment programs based on Mother Nature's definition of mosquito season.  

Treatments can start any time throughout the season. 

When should treatments cease?

Similar to the previous answer, treatments should stop when the mosquitos are no longer present in our environment.  Mother Nature controls this process and the season generally runs from March to September in the Atlanta area.  

What happens if it rains?

We do our best not to spray if rain is predicted for the next 24 to 48 hours. After spraying and having about a 48-hour dry-spell window, our organic solution will remain effective even through 2 or 3 moderate rain showers.

Our mission is to eliminate mosquitos from your property and we understand that we have to work with what Mother Nature provides us to be valuable to you. We will re-spray your property if our treatment is rendered ineffective by rain at no charge to you. We leverage our Hydrocon Level™ rating system in order to determine when we spray and to determine the exact mixture of our ingredients to produce optimal outcomes.  

Does the organic solution repel other pests like fleas, ticks, fire ants, and chiggers?

Yes, but we won't spray your dog or cat! Instead, we spray liberally on grass, shrubs, plants and tree trunks in the yard. We will spray the yard completely. Also, we will be sure to spray the sides of buildings, tree trunks and wooden fence posts to a height of 12 feet when spraying for ticks. 

Is the organic solution harmful to "beneficials" like birds, bees, ladybugs and butterflies?

No, not at all! Birds, honey bees, ladybugs and butterflies are not bothered or harmed by our formula.  Fish are protected as well.  Some of our competitors use a chemical that clearly states on its label that it kills fish. 

Can a dog or cat get West Nile virus from mosquitos?

Yes, they can and there is no cure. However, it is rarely fatal. By all means, check with your vet if your pet appears feverish or ill.

Will eating the organic solution repel mosquitos?

No. Many studies have been done on this subject. It has never been scientifically shown that ingesting our solution will repel mosquitos. We spray our solution on foliage and other mosquito resting surfaces to keep mosquitos away.

What can be done about mosquitos indoors?

Turn off the lights and let them settle on the ceiling (or wall), then flip on the lights and vacuum them up. Sleep in the breeze of a fan.

How does a film of oil on water kill mosquito larvae?

The natural oils found in our organic solution clog the snorkel that the mosquito larvae use to breathe.

Does the solution keep deer off of my plants?

Yes! Bambi is not a fan of garlic!