organic IS NOT JUST COOL, it's effective.

To us, business is personal. You are letting us into your yard - an extension of your home - so we promise to treat it as our own.

We treat you like family. We extend the same care and focus to our clients’ yards as we do our own yards.  Not only will your yard be thoroughly treated, but we’ll be respectful of your landscaping, pets, and property.  Nobody likes trampled flowers! Peachtree Mosquito Control is all natural and 100% organic. We don’t use masks and space suits when we spray, because we don’t need to. You can even follow us around if you want. That means you and your family can enjoy your yard, the minute we pull out of the driveway.

We play nice with others. Our solution is selective.  We only have a few enemies—mosquitos, ticks, fleas, fire ants and gnats. All butterflies, pollinating bees and marine life in ponds and creeks will not be affected by our solution. It’s safe, critter-friendly and lets them get back to that thing called the circle of life.