Peachtree Mosquito Control has treated our yard for 2 years. We have a creek that runs through our yard and they are still able to keep the Mosquitos away. Grant and Alex are extremely professional and reliable. I highly recommend this company for mosquito pest control.
— Sarah in Dunwoody

I asked my mosquito service guy one day what he was spraying. Sure it was “legal” to use, but man was it pretty nasty and carried a lot of warnings. Concerned for my little people and pets, I enlisted one of my business partners and a friend to help find a solution. The friend was also a mom who happens to have a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from Georgia Tech. Together we all started asking tough questions. And didn’t like the answers we were getting.

So we started digging. After years of research and conversations with experts in mosquito control, we took our idea to the farm. We discovered that the same all-natural, 100% organic formula used for massive agricultural applications, could be created for homeowners.

With the brains to develop a proprietary solution and a diehard entrepreneurial spirit, the three of us set off to deliver a safe, non-toxic solution for families like yours. It eliminates mosquitos and other harmful pests, while keeping kids and pets safe—even during the application process. In fact, it’s the same solution applied to food crops labeled and sold to the public as USDA Registered Organic products. 

No masks or WARNING sign needed. But if we did hang a sign after treating your property it would simply read, WELCOME.

What is Hydrocon Level?

The daily Hydrocon Level™ is a numerical expression of a patent-pending process designed to assess current moisture levels combined with precipitation forecasts and other environmental factors. Each morning before we spray, our highly trained spray technicians take this information to create just the right mix of our Mosquito Sauce™ for your property. What does this mean for you, a Peachtree Mosquito Control client? It means you are getting a 100% organic, all-natural solution that is customized for you. We are confident that our system's effectiveness far surpasses anything being presented by our competitors, especially the ones spraying toxic, synthetic material near your kids and pets. 



Peachtree Mosquito Control is fully licensed, bonded and insured to perform services on your residential or commercial property.

I have two young boys and I’m a freak about keeping toxins away from them, I am so thankful that PMC has provided an organic solution that really works.
— Stephanie In Decatur
I haven’t seen a mosquito since they sprayed.
— Kim IN Atlanta